Jim Gatto, has been a teacher of Metaphysics and Parapsychology for the past 35 years and has instructed across the United States and in Europe. He has also appeared on radio talk shows and T.V.

Diana Gatto, CP-C, CI is in charge of the marketing and development of the IGM® program, is an instructor, and the co-lecturer of the IGM Advanced courses of study.  She has been mentoring under the founder of IGM®, Isabell Gatto, for the past 20 years.  Diana is also a student of yoga, meditation and Metaphysics and Parapsychology and has a part time practice in Staten Island, NY.

Maria Gatto, MA, APRN, ACHPN-BC, NP, BC-AHN, HNP, CP-C, CI is the Director of Palliative Care for CHE Trinity Health, leading the CHE Trinity Health Initiative of Palliative Care.   Maria Gatto, who has more than 25 years of health care experience, specializing in palliative and hospice care, and has developed and implemented integrative comprehensive holistic palliative care services on clinical, administrative and corporate healthcare system levelsA recognized specialist in integrative advanced practice of palliative care and holistic care, Maria is a triple master’s prepared advanced practice registered nurse, an advanced certified hospice and palliative nurse, and holds board certification as a nurse practitioner in both palliative and holistic care from New York University.

Dr. Mia Anderson, Ph.D., CP-C, CI, was a Professor of English at Bergen Community College for 25 years. For twelve years, she was Assistant Director of The New Jersey Project on Inclusive Scholarship, Curriculum and Pedagogy, based at William Paterson University.  She was certified in IGM® in 2001, a member of Isabell’s very first graduating class, and had a full-time practice in Hawthorne and Ramsey before moving in 2012 to Poughkeepsie, NY/Mid-Hudson Valley, where she now has a part-time practice.

Dr. Judith Rae Davis CP-C, CI is a professor of English at Bergen Community College.  She has been practicing IGM® for 11 years and has an office in her home in Warwick, NY.  She is a student of the Alexander Technique, Pilates and meditation. She was instrumental in developing the curriculum for the IGM® Seminars.

Joie Ogrodnick CP-C, CI has been part of IGM® since 2003. First as a client, then a student, Advanced Practitioner, an Initiate and eventually part of the IGM® Instructor team. Joie is an RN and has a Bachelors in Natural Health studies and is Board Certified in Emergency Nursing. After many years as the Manager of Emergency Services in a hospital near her, she is advancing her career to be the Clinical Coordinator of Education for EPIC (an electronic medical record for healthcare). She holds a part-time IGM® practice in Warwick NY. She has studied meditation and is a student of Heart Math both of which in addition to receiving IGM sessions help her maintain her balance and wellness.

Kathy Madden CP-C, CI has been a nurse for over 20 years in adult medicine has more recently practiced as a Nurse Practitioner in an oncology setting in a major metropolitan medical center. Kathy lectures nationally and is published in her area of professional expertise. Her credentials include, Advance Practice Holistic Nurse and she holds certifications in Clinical Homeopathy, Clinical Aromatherapy, Advance Practice Oncology, IGM® Practitioner & Instructor. Kathy continues to pursue learning experiences which synthesize eastern and western modalities, ultimately enhancing and benefiting both personal and professional endeavors.

Peter Lorenzo CP-C, CI is a registered pharmacist who recently retired as the Medical Director of an ambulatory health care facility in NYC. He continues to practice there as a consultant where he advises patients on the safe and proper use of their prescription medications, vitamins and supplements.  His past experiences include positions as Senior Director at Merck, Inc. and as Director of Pharmacy at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine Hospital in NYC. Peter Lorenzo is a certified IGM® Practitioner and certified Initiate. In addition, he is a registered Reiki Master/Teacher, and a certified Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher. He has studied homeopathy and herbal medicine as well as yoga and qui gong. Peter has a strong belief in the holistic approach to wellness and a commitment to the integration of traditional western medicine with complementary healing modalities.  He has a  private IGM®  practice in Queens, NY  where he works closely with physicians and other health care practitioners to bring his clients to their optimal state of wellness.

IGM Support Staff

Lynn Rainey CP-C, CI came to IGM as a student in 2009.  At that time she was a recent 2008 graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, looking to enhance her knowledge of health & wellness and explore a more spiritual path to holistic healing for herself, her family and friends. Lynn is currently an IGM Initiate.  In addition to being employed full time in an unrelated field, Lynn maintains a part time IGM practice in Harrington Park, NJ and was asked to join the IGM organization in 2012, serving part-time as our Administrative Assistant since then.  She is a current student of Metaphysics & Parapsychology, and has practiced yoga and meditation.

Betty Dziamba CP-C, CI 

Tim Shea CP-C, CI