The Isabell Gatto Method

The benefits of using IGM® include relieving pain, balancing the body and maintaining good health. IGM® Therapeutic Acupressure reduces tension and enables the body to relax deeply. By relieving stress, acupressure therapy strengthens resistance to disease and promotes wellness.

Hands That Heal

The Mission of IGM® Therapeutic Acupressure is to establish a new paradigm of holistic practice that provides the best of many holistic modalities within one simple, effective combination technique that supports and complements all levels of healthcare and overall wellness.

Living and Learning

Practitioners of IGM are each individual taught by founder Isabell Gatto.

Registration and Seminars

Seminars and Advanced classes are available for registration.

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Welcome to IGM® The Isabell Gatto Method of Intentional Wellness Website!

For over 35 years, The IGM® Isabell Gatto Method, has been guided by our founder, Isabell Gatto, and her husband Jim Gatto, with the sole purpose of providing you with access to holistic health alternatives, methaphysical courses, seminars and workshops.

We encourage you to browse our pages for more information and begin your new journey to peace and wellness.

  • Have you often thought, I am sick and tired of being “sick and tired”?

Then an IGM® session would be a wonderful start to a new healthier you.  Contact Isabell for a session (click on Contact tab) or find a practitioner in your area (click on Practitioner tab).

  • Are you interested in learning an easily grasped technique that facilitates your overall well-being?

Learn the Healing Art of IGM® The Isabell Gatto Method of Intentional Wellness. The IGM® 2-day seminar was developed for the general public as well as the healthcare professional. 

Isabell Gatto, the founder of IGM®, has trained people from all professions and walks of life:  moms, dads, college students, medical doctors, nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and reiki masters in the Healing Art of IGM®.  

All of our students share the common goal of learning a method that is unique, easily grasped, comprehensive, and non-invasive. A healing method where you remain fully clothed. Our upcoming IGM® The Isabell Gatto Method of Intentional Wellness 3-day seminar dates are listed to the right of this column.

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  • A short explanation of our healing energy modality is below.  For more information click on About IGM tab

IGM® uses 50 specific therapeutic combinations along the body’s energy channels, called meridians, in a simple triangulated sequential order that opens blocked areas for optimal flow of life force energy (chi). This multi-conceptual modality facilitates the restoration of overall balance, harmony and wellness to the body-mind-spirit. 

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